Amazing God. He Never Fails!!
Beautiful Testimony! And Indeed, It Came To Pass!

“The journey of infertility is not a child’s play and I can never wish that even to my worst enemy.
I wish my story will encourage many women to take a bold step today. I waited on God for 6 yrs, visited so many hospitals, prayed, fasted, cried, gave up hope not until someone added me to SGHS.I started attending their daily activities and reading so many testimonies but I still have the urge to speak with the doctor, so I started saving to sign for consulting service without hubby and I was happy I later signed it.
I started chatting Doc Chudi, told him my fears and worries but he says and I quote ”All this shall pass”.
But before then I newly got registered at one hospital, but Doc. Chudi told me to give the Hospital more 3 months, but along the line, he made me to involve my hubby, we called him that night and he spoke with hubby and encourage us to take a bold step to see a fertility doc that he will direct us to and hubby agreed to that because hubby found out that Doc Chudi’s mum was his teacher during their primary school.
On that fateful day, we went to the hospital that Doc Chudi referred us to and our discussion with the doctor was so encouraging and we were so happy we did, i always chat Doc Chudi on every visit and the results yet he keep praying and encouraging me. I can promise you that it was just few months in that visitation that I became pregnant, each time I look at myself, I drop tears of joy and thank God I followed Doc Chudi advise. I became a mother after all these years. Pls my fellow women, lets not only be reading but take action cos that might be where God is waiting for you wishing us all the best.”

~ SGHS Mother.

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