From Zero Babies To 4 Babies [ Quadruplets].

In 2019, this 33 year old lady presented as a client completely brokenhearted. Her husband is in late 50s and they have had long term very painful Infertility. She came faith filled and determined. She signed up for consultations and was duly reviewed, consulted, referred to our team of Fertility Specialists In Lagos and Abuja. Somehow, Lagos was not convenient and she transferred her care to our Fertility SPECIALIST in Abuja. As God will have it, She conceived 4 babies, [ 2 girls and 2 boys] and carried all to term and delivered safely. Today July, 22nd, 2021, her long term Infertility ended in PRAISES. Zero to 4 in a blink. THIS IS WHAT GOD CAN DO WHEN YOU YIELD. LEAN NOT ON YOUR UNDERSTANDING. LEAN ON GOD, BUT BE PROACTIVE AND DECISIVE! CONGRATULATIONS TO THIS FAMILY. I HOPE OTHER FAMILIES CAN BE ENCOURAGED TOO. Peace and love.

~Dr. Chudi Ufondu. SGHS.

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