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Echoes From The Past: MOTHERHOOD AT 45!

“Dr. Chudi! You don’t know me, but I know you! Since I started following you in 2015, you changed my life! I was once a very sad woman , depressed, dejected all because of not having a baby! I have followed you since, you have impacted my life positively. You saved me! I got my life back, started exercising, eating healthy, loving myself. Suddenly my life changed, I lost all the weight from depression and overeating. I also saw my relationship with my husband improved. We have followed your teachings, we increased our lovemaking from once monthly to three times weekly! Since 2015, I have followed you daily, I cant remember anyday you didnt show up! You may not know, but you saved me ! You are an angel.

I was on the brink of giving up, I was 41 in 2015, I am 45 this year.. with tears rolling down, I come to return my immense thanks to you.. that which was impossible became possible.. on this day I tested positive on both urine and blood for pregnancy! Today is the happiest day of my life. My husband has been crying his eyes out, he has been shouting Dr Chudi Dr Chudi.. You don’t know us, but we know you. You saved us. We don’t have nothing to use in thanking you, but we will immortalize you by naming our child your name *Chukwudi*! May God bless you and may favor never depart from your shores.

Thank you. We love you.”

~ Ardent Snowspirations Follower, Now A Mother To Be After Ages

WOW Good God!!!!! My Prayers For ALL BFBs This one moved me to happy tears! Good God! Please BLESS ALL the women desirous of babies! PLEASE GOD. We bow in awe of you. Visit us one more time. Multiply us Good God. May our tears bring forth joy! Thank you God for this family! Guide and protect this precious baby! And to All BFBs.. Your time is coming. Never give up!


~Dr. Chudi

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