SGHS Testimonials

“Good morning Dr. Chudi , I want to thank you for your efforts in nurturing we women. Thank you for your teachings and all the prophecies on us . I pray God to continue in blessings you and your family amen. I have been one of your follower right from 2015, I even had a referral but my husband turned it down.
When you created this group, I followed you still but not too active because I was depressed and at the verge of losing my home. ( I was diagnosed with fallopian tubes blockage) this made me not to be active in sex and taking of routine drugs like folic acid, I stopped.
Doc, could you believe that I tested positive this morning? I keep on wondering how this can be true. A woman they said her tubes are blocked, Jesus! are mine dreaming? Doc pls, tell me how to join your pregnancy class. You will be my online and offline doc. Follow me to praise my living God oh!
In addendum, hide my ID if you will share this. Thanks.”

~ Project 2021 SGHS Mother

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