Amazing Testimony From Painful Blighted Ovum (Early Miscarriage) To Baby.

On 7/18/17:
Hello Sir, I am a member of your health group, both the previous one and this one now, and recently found out I have PCOS, my period has never been regular. Sometimes I don’t see it for months until I use hormone drugs. I have been placed on birth control pills for 3months, metformin too but I had to discontinue it due to the lower abdominal pain I was feeling. Right now, I am only using contraceptive pills. Is there no hope for us? My gyne said the only alternative to metformin is going for ovarian drilling when I’m set for pregnancy. This is really depressing? Why can’t every woman be normal? Could you pls share something in the group on the said topic? I am sure that there are a lot of silent sufferers in the group. Awaiting your swift response sir. He also mentioned the importance of weight loss
On 2/7/20:
Good day Doc, I tested positive to blood and urine tests but no sac was seen in an ultrasound. I was told to do a repeat test in two weeks’ time. Please what could have gone the wrong sir?
On 16/5/21:
Yes, I did sir, I AM A MOTHER NOW.
My baby will be 7 months old this month Good evening Doc, I found out I have pcos years before I got married because of menstrual irregularities and knew that getting pregnant might be challenging. However, I joined your group and followed your teachings when I got married. To the glory of God, I only engaged in exercise and frequent lovemaking and I’m now a mother of a beautiful baby girl. Thanks for all your teachings and selflessness”

~SGHS Newest Baby Girl Mother

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