#Theme: What God Cannot Do Truly Doesn’t Exist! From 7 Years of Brutal Infertility To Resounding MOTHERHOOD in Less than 2 Years!!!

“We all feel stuck from time to time and getting help or assistance from someone is hard for people to do. It’s something I also wrestled with. Stepping out of our comfort zones and reaching out for help can sometimes be the best strategy for finding a meaningful solution to our problems.
In 2018, I was added to a group on Facebook. At first, I was like, “why would this person add me to this group?” I said to myself, “I don’t need it, I’m doing my own thing”. From time to time I would log into the group and follow the conversation. One day I decided to reach out to of one the doctors. I was praying that he would accept my friendship. I know how hard it is to link up with MDs. In my mind, I was like, “Nah, this doctor will never accept my friend request because he doesn’t know me”. At the same time, I was hoping that he would accept my request. Lo and behold, he accepted my friend request and we began conversing. I took a bold step and told him my story and where I came from, and how far I had gone in my journey of becoming a mother. I shared so many personal issues with him. At first, I was like, “ this too much information, the man doesn’t need to know all of this”. However, he listened. That’s what a mentor does. He never said, “ I’m not interested in what you went through blah blah…” He gave me advice and suggestions. In the end, the choice was mine to make. Mind you, I’m a very shy person.
But I knew that to become a better version of yourself, you need mentors in your life. You need a coach that is there to help you reach your full potential. As a mentor and coach, Dr. Ufondu will channel your thoughts into healthy and productive directions. Pregnancy is beautiful and bizarre and scary at the same time. For nine months or so God allows you to carry another human being inside your body. Can you imagine that for nine months another human being was growing inside me? I was responsible for the feeding, what entered my mouth and my emotions were what I fed it to the little human.
I was responsible for protecting her until she made it out. Inside of me, there was a pulsating cord that connected the baby and me. Throughout the period, I experienced cramping here and there, mood swings, and heartburn which is the mother of them all. lol. In this journey, you also need a life coach and a mentor. You need a good health care provider. Why? This is because the journey of pregnancy is an emotional one. Trying to have a baby out of fear is never a great idea. In general, I don’t think making decisions out of fear is a great way to approach things or situations in life.
Anyway, I have always realized that it took me a little longer to accomplish things or to see things come to pass in my life, and pregnancy was no different. I used to get upset wondering why I always had to have a tough time before good things came to me. Like I had to slay dragons on my way to the top. I was ready to start having children about two years into my marriage. I was ready before my husband was ready. Even though I was still in school I knew what I wanted. I knew my periods were irregular and that’s why I wanted to start on time.
Then when we were both finally on the same page and ready to start trying for a baby, we never imagined what would happen. Months went by and we couldn’t conceive. I know what I went through trying to convince my husband to get some tests done. I decided to start this journey all by myself if my husband wasn’t ready. Struggling through seven long painful years of infertility isn’t something that most people would look back upon and be thankful for. Then again, I’m not like most people. I don’t know what it’s to relax, I don’t know what it’s like to take your mind off things until I met Dr. Ufondu through words of encouragement I was able to rise above my fears.
I don’t know what it’s like to have an unplanned pregnancy or to get pregnant when trying to conceive for the first time. My first pregnancy was through IVF. I had two failed IVF and I know the emotions I went through during that time. I know how much of an ordeal the first two failed IVFs were.
I met Dr. Ufondu, during my third journey of IVF. Through his words of encouragement and making me believing more in myself of becoming a woman, I was able to climb the mountains and walls of infertility. He was with me all the way. Checking on each visitation and I was providing feedback to him.
Even when I didn’t have the funds to carry some tests, I had to borrow money to ensure that all test that were not covered by my insurance was done. I listened to his advice and it pays at the end. Now here I am a mother of two beautiful girls.

~ Proud SGHS Mother Of 2 Beautiful Daughters

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