Vaginal Dryness, Discharge, Pain & Fertility


■ Here is the deal, when trying to conceive, cervical mucus is necessary because it is needed to help sperm survive and swim from the cervix into the uterus, and then eventually through the fallopian tubes.

■ Not having the correct amount of cervical mucus during sex can be painful and cause added stress for couples, especially when trying to conceive.

■Mild cases of vaginal dryness may increase the time it takes for a woman to get pregnant, but it will not necessarily cause infertility.

■When cervical mucus problems stand in the way of getting pregnant, it is medically referred to as hostile cervical mucus, which refers to severe vaginal dryness, problems with vaginal secretions that are too acidic, or refer to immunological problem.


Dr. Chudi Ufondu

Sghs VirtualAdmin

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