Topic: Tips To Spice Up Her Sex Experience, Especially This Cold Season


》Female sexual dysfunction is real

》Same as male sexual dysfunction


[[1. Scheduling Time For Sex]]

● Anticipate sex when it is looked forward to.
● brings back the fun

●Focus on task ahead

● Look forward to having sex

● desire must come first

● Saturday day, Sunday.

● whatever works for you.

● this takes the pressure off the other days.

[[2. Understand the complexity of the female sexual anatomy.]]

● Know the pleasure points

● What does she like most?

● Know the labia, the clit, the vagina

● The clitoris is neglected by most men

● Pleasure the clitoris well

● The clitoris is well innervated.

● Vaginal orgasm is rare

● Penis inside the vagina sex alone, boring

● Stimulate the clitoris well before penetration

● See if you can locate the g spot

● Focus on the clitoris

● She will get there.

● Give her oral stimulation if it pleasures her. [head]

● stroke her body to instructions

[[3. Prioritize Her, Not You ]]

● It is about satisfying her, not you

● use hands

● use mouth

● use vibrators

● whatever she loves indulge

● most penises are big dumb animals [ no jokes]

●Use your hand and mouth well, if you get tired use something battery powered!!

●Women wanna feel desired.

[[ 4. Go Slow ]]

● No hurry

● Go at her pace

● on the average, women take up to 30 minutes, from start of sex to get to orgasms

● be patient

● men take about 3 to 5 minutes to orgasm

● women pleasure differently

● sex is not when the penis goes into the vagina,

● sex is the totality of all the pre vaginal penetration and the after cum aftermath.

● all touches ARE IMPORTANT,

● majority of women will orgasm even without the penis inside if stimulated well

● premature ejaculation sucks

● expand your views about sex

[[ 5. Use LUBRICANTS ]]

●Lubes Are 👏 Amazing

● Different types of lube

● wetness or not wetness ,use liberally!!

● lubes make gliding more enjoyable

● lubes leads to more pleasure

● use water based lubes


● use liberally

● desiring and arousal is there

[[ 6. Desire Mismatch Problems ]]

● Men have more desire than women

● Two different people with different tastes and desires

● Meet each other half way

● You may not get all your satisfaction from your woman, you can help yourself!!

[[ 7 Communication ]]

● Communication is KING

●Sex talks

● Set the mood right

● Do it all the way

● Sexts.

○ talk about it

○ it might be awkward , BUT COMMUNICATE

○ make it about you

○ use inclusive


▪︎See a urologist if you are having sexual dysfunction problems

● see a sex therapist


1● Low desire

2● Pre ejaculation issues




Dr. Chudi

The People’s Doc.

SGHS , Dec 2021

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