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Understanding Vaginal Dryness, Natural Remedies And Increasing Your Pregnancy Chances At Advanced Age


Vaginal dryness is common, especially as a woman gets old
This is especially common, after menopause, but it can happen to women of any age.

Dryness can lead to other symptoms like

v ♧itching

v ♧and burning.

v ♧These can have sex painful.

v ♧ In some cases, need to urinate more often.

Various natural remedies have been touted as solutions for the problem, but, so far, there isn’t much science to back up the claims.

Vaginal Dryness Causes

● In most cases, vaginal dryness comes from lower estrogen levels.

● As you age, less estrogen also means less moisture in your vaginal walls.

● Hormonal changes in pregnancy or breastfeeding can also change your vagina’s moisture, leading to dryness.

● Sometimes dryness isn’t related to aging.

Estrogen levels may also drop due to:

1 ● Chemotherapy or hormone therapy in cancer treatment

2 ● Radiation therapy to the pelvic area

3 ● Immune disorders

4 ● Surgical removal of the ovaries

5 ● *Hysterectomy or removal of the womb. *

6 ● *It can also be caused by medications that reduce moisture in the whole body.

7● Allergy and cold medicines are two examples

8 ● Douching, laundry detergents, and soaps can irritate the vagina
9 ● Cigarette smoking.

10 tampons, and condoms can also cause problems.
11 Vaginal dryness may be a sign of another health problem, such as infection.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor if you have other symptoms.


● Use of an estrogen cream.

● Lubricant,

● Use of vaginal moisturizer

What are some natural lubricants I can use during sex?

● Certain vegetable oils are effective lubricants



  1. peanut,
  2. olive oils.

However, if you’re using latex condoms to prevent pregnancy or infection, these oils will cause them to degrade and be less effective.

*Will drinking more water help with vaginal dryness? *

●It’s possible—if you’re truly dehydrated.

2● You can remedy dehydration by drinking water and other non-alcoholic, unsweetened fluids and increasing your intake of juicy fruits, vegetables, and soup.

Are there any foods that can prevent or treat vaginal dryness?

●There’s been some interesting research in this area.

● A 2014 study involving 731 women found that those who ate an apple a day had better sex lives, including more vaginal lubrication.

Soy foods like edamame and tofu are also linked to better vaginal health.


Dr. Chudi Ufondu. MBBS, MPH , CPH
SnowspirationsHealth Global Health Solutions (SGHS)

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