Dr. Chudi,
I was 43 with no hopes in 2015! God bless the day I started following you! Somehow,I knew with your help i will become a mother one day!
I am now 49! It has been a turbulent journey!
You have NEVER disappointed me, even when i worry and freak out, you always say, do your best, let go and let God. When i was afraid to go for another IVF, after several failures, you still had this uncanny confidence! You encouraged me to support other women looking for babies like me.
Every month i cry in my lonely world. Whenever i see new babies i weep.
Yet. You never for a day worried . You encouraged me to work on my body weight! I did. I got my fitness back. Then when all the attempts failed over here, you insisted it was time to go back to Nigeria. I was very reluctant, but in your usual encouraging way, you told me to go. You referred me to one of the best Fertility SPECIALIST in Nigeria. It was all happening like a dream.. then the test came out positive.. I wept. I called you by 1 am USA time. I couldn’t find the right words!
Could this be me at 49 pregnant? Phew. I can go on and on and words cant fully express what i feel and how much happiness you restored in my world.
I am 25 weeks today and i am getting stronger every day. If i can see God now, i will ask him to give you the BEST things in the world.
It is so amazing, how one man can change the lives of so many women by giving his best every day, yet humble.

Thank you is all i got. We cant wait to meet you. Baby is kicking, im sure he/ she hears my heart filled with gratitude.

God bless you Dr.

~ SGHS 2022 Mom. Die hard SGHS Member

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