From Zero Babies, After Long Painful Infertility Battles, 10 Failed Attempts! AND MERCY SAID NO. SHE IS GONNA BE A MOTHER OF 4. SUDDENLY!!

“I can attest to this Dr. Chudi!
Remember I inquired about a referral for surrogacy arrangement a couple of months ago.
We later found an Agency in Lagos that coordinated it for us and to the glory of God, the two surrogates we used are carrying a set of twins each, so we are expecting 4 babies.

I’m now looking for a van to accommodate 5 children. 😀
As my friend said, “God is not just faithful, he also has a sense of humor “. Please remember us in your prayers as we pray for the completion of what the good lord has started 🙏

We only decided to use 2 surrogates because the clinic said they would only transfer two embryos and since we had decided it was going to be our last try, we decided to maximize our chances by using 2 surrogates.
That’s how God decided to embarrass us with this level of blessing, after 10 tries.
Thanks for your prayers and words of encouragement 🙏

~ SGHS Mother Of 4 2022 Version

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