Two Years Ago…. Zero Baby. Today, 3 Healthy Babies [ 2 Boys & I Girl]!
“Honestly Dr. Chudi, I really appreciate you, for been part of my story, all your advice and caring, standing in gap with me in prayer and ur advice and encouragement never to risk normal delivery for the twins, that was worth it, your latest Irish twins are doing really great. Thanks for aways checking on me, really do appreciate u.
From zero to 3 in a space of less than 2 years, who says there is no God? I am a proof that God answers prayer 🙏. We are all doing well, twin one weigh 2.6kg and twin two, is 3.1kg
Who are mine, not to obey, with all your busy schedules and experience, you still have time to check and reply every individual with any personal charges, only God can reward you.
Davis the boy has been in special care since yesterday, because he was breathing too fast, but I was told that they will bring him back to me today, the midwife just said everything is OK now, just waiting for the consultant to give them permission to bring him back.

~ Newest Twin Mother In Town,

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