#Pregnant While Getting Ready To Travel For Her IVF

“Good evening Doctor Chudi! God is too faithful to fail his own!!
My ovulation day was on 15th day which was on d 25th of last month. Till this evening my period didn’t come, had gynae appointment over d phone and I explained to d doctor that I have not seen my period that am over 5 days late and she said it was due to my age that she would send a letter for me to have scan and bad test for AMH.
Well after d telephone appt, I kept asking myself is this menopause or what without a sign. I was restless.
I have no sign of pregnancy except for little pain on my nipples when touched, I tot U was going to feel d exact way I felt on my first pregnancy but ended up in miscarriage.
I just decided to do pt test with a strip and boom ,it was positive.
My issue now is I don’t sleep well at night. I might wake btw 2am and 3am and stay awake till morning but feel sleepy btw 7am. Work wont let me sleep by 7am except weekend.
Thank you once more for ur teachings. Flight has been booked for ivf but God is God and God is good!!!!

~ Happy SGHS Mom-to-be

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