“Today is the best day of my life.
Thank you, Dr Chudi.
I started following you in 2017. I am secret admirer and you are my role model. I have never missed your daily broadcast, not one. I have learnt a lot, not just health, but your inspiration and motivation. I am a messed-up lady, I have had 12 abortions, and I am just 33 years old. I have had a rough life, I thought I will never be cared and loved again, but in Dec 2017, I met a man that changed my life. I told him about my past and he accepted me for who I am.
Since, I started following you, my life has turned for better. I started loving myself better, I started exercising, I started eating right, I started going for my well woman yearly check.
When we went for our first Doctor’s visit, they discovered one of my tubes was damaged, and I have multiple fibroids, I was devastated, the Doctor said, I may not be able to have a baby because of my womb, I had adhesions from series of abortions.
But every day I listen to you I believe I will be a happy woman again. My man stood by me, we practically became disciples of your teachings, we exercise together and we go for all appointment and we made love 4 times weekly, we have practiced this since I started following you.
And GOD did it, and it is even double, I just checked my Ultrasound today and I will be having twins. Look at me, a messed-up lady, with 12 abortions, one damaged tube, and suddenly, from no hopes to a mother of two.
Dr Chudi, you just don’t know how you have changed my life. You are the God I see. I stopped going to church, because everyone condemned me and saw me as a crazy lady. But since I started following you, you gave me hopes.
I came today to say thank you. I do not have enough money, but my God will bless you beyond words.
Thank you for giving me back life.
May God bless you.”

~ SGHS Happy Admirer and Follower

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