We live in Italy, we have been married now for 6 yrs… And we are going through infertility since 2016. To be candid it’s been hell. A cousin of mine actually added to your former group… I have been following intently… But when SGHS was born, I immediately followed Dr. Chudi because anytime I hear him speak… I keep having this conviction that something GREAT was in store for us. So I had to subscribe immediately on 6 months package. I have actually gained a lot from doctor chudi’s teaching So I took a bold step and asked for referral to a fertility Specialist in Nigeria. After much discussion and debate with my wife, so finally made up our mind to travel to Nigeria for IVF process. So our appointment is already booked. We finally leaving for Nigeria November…. Testimony is sure…

~SGHS Mother-In-The-Making

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