From Grass To Grace!!
“Hi doc,
Pls the above proof is my subscription to be added to SGHS ANC telegram group. I am so grateful to God, my husband and you doc for making this dream come through. You might not know what ur counseling and teachings has done for me. The first day I saw you teaching on Facebook in 2018 in the other platform I know that this is it for me. I know you are a no nonsense person who nails the point on the head without any sentiment and it takes one who actually knows the depth of harm infertility has done in marriages to remain calm and heed to your advices and move along with you. Thank you so much Doc Snow please do still remain with my family in prayers and advices in this journey until is completed. Much love from us to you ❤️ #gratefulheartfromawomanthatGodhasrembered#💃🤰🙏🎈❤️.”

~ SGHS Powerful Rugged Mother 2022 Version.

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